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CRM Resources

The following websites are some of the best Customer Relationship Management software resources on the Internet.

  • CRMsearch[dot]com—This site offers the most high quality content of any we could find. It's How To articles are well done, but the website is best known for its CRM vendor analysis and software reviews.

  • provides a number of well done CRM best practices and research findings. It also does a great job of breaking out CRM content by category.

  • also shares a lot of best practices and some interesting survey results.



CRM from Hell





About CRM From Hell

This site examines the top causes and most cited factors that contribute to CRM software failures in order to share mitigating factors and clear strategies that avert failure and capitalize on the promise and potential of Customer Relationship Management.






I have customers asking me, 'With the failure rate at 80 percent, why do you think this project should succeed?'"

~ Barton Goldenberg, President of ISM



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